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Benefits of Judah and Israel

Good morning my Ekklesia Family 

 We should start everything with praise and worship. These two things sets a solid foundation in our lives so when something happens (and it will) we will be able to make it, perservere until the very end.

 In The Bible names are very important Not only do they identify who people were but names also identified their character and their purpose. Two names we want to look at today is Judah and Israel. 

Judah means Praise the Lord and Israel means a Prince who has Prevailed. God has applied these names in our lives is to remind us, He is worthy to be praised and He has never given up on us and never will. 

 I don't know all of the struggles you are facing at this present moment, but I do know the struggles you had in your past did not and could not defeat you. God was working in you then and He is working in you now. So give Him some of that Judah inside of you... Praise Him because He deserves it. Someone may try to rob or destroy your praise for God, it is ok... God sees and has the ability to restore!  Someone may be trying to rob and steal your accomplishments, You've made it this far for a reason. But if they try, Don't fuss, it's ok... God sees and has the ability to restore! 😊 These are benefits of having and utilizing Judah and Israel in your life. When you use your benefits RESTORATION IS YOURS IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN. 

Even though the destroyer has destroyed Judah, the Lord will restore its honor. Israel’s vine has been stripped of branches, but he will restore its splendor. Nahum 2:2 NLT ❤ U more than u know Peace and Blessings, Stephan Kirby 

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