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The Purpose of Your Life

John 1:9 That Was the true light which lighteth every man that comes into the world he was in the world and the world was made by him and the world knew him not he came into his own and his own received him not . This is a part of the battle that We as Christians must seem to forget it is our duty to spread the word so that every year from corner to corner on this earth knows the name of Jesus but when Jesus walked corner to corner they rejected him still. Even in the flesh the men and women he was sent to save Rejected him & had him put to an untimely death , what does that mean for us is they can do Jesus the man who died for our salvation so that we may be given a fair chance if they could murder an innocent man because his gifts were far beyond their knowledge and the box that they put my god in what makes you think that we are safe that’s why God provides armor and protection refuge etc. don’t forget how important your job is don’t forget the purpose of your job don’t forget the purpose of your life . Go Fourth and tell someone about his blessings but don’t be fooled temptation is real and ment to knock you off you course . We are made in his likeness the same result they wanted for him . They advisory wants for you . So apply the armor of God I love you all more than you know have a blessed day 

Pastor Era'nay Williams Ja Ruee

Youth Pastor of Ekklesia 

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