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Priorities...Who and What are First in Your Life

Good morning My Ekklesia Family   Priorities..Who & What are First in Your Life? 

Most of us would answer this question "God" This would be nice, if it were true.

Truth is we put people and things before God. The proof is in our lifestyle, if our lifestyles are filled with stress worry depression etc. Then someone or something else is a priority over God. 

Look at our text today coming from Matthew 6:33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need (NLT). In this text Jesus is telling us to put God and the things of God first, and everything else will fall into place. But the beautiful thing is Jesus puts this principle in the middle of addressing Priorty Worry & Stress verses 24-34. You can't serve God and Money at the same time, But we try. And the commandment "Don't Worry" speaks volumes but we don't hear. The results of this are clearly stress, worry, anxiety, depression... 

Let's do this His way and not our own.

I'm praying for u, pray for me too 😁 ❤u more than u know Stephan  

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