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Psalm 118


The Rejected Stone Becomes the Cornerstone

Psalm 118 is a powerful song of victory and thanksgiving. The psalmist starts by declaring God's enduring goodness (v. 1). Even when surrounded by enemies (v. 10-12), the Lord remains his strength and song (v. 14). This victory is compared to a rejected stone becoming the cornerstone (v. 22) – a metaphor for Jesus, who was rejected by the world but became the foundation of our faith.

Finding Strength in God's Faithfulness

Just like the psalmist, we too may face challenges. But this psalm reminds us that God's love is everlasting (v. 1). He is our refuge and strength (v. 8), always there to deliver us (v. 5). When we place our trust in Him, we can overcome any obstacle.

The Cornerstone of Our Faith

The rejected stone becoming the cornerstone signifies how Jesus, despite rejection, became the foundation of Christianity (v. 22). His sacrifice and resurrection offer us salvation and hope.

Living a Victorious Life

Let this psalm inspire you to live a victorious life, rooted in your faith. No matter the storms you face, hold on to God's promises. Trust in His enduring love and allow Him to be your cornerstone.

Reflect and Pray

* Reflect on a time when God delivered you from a challenge.

* Pray and thank Him for His faithfulness.

* Ask for His strength to face your current struggles.

Remember, with God on your side, you are victorious!

LoveUmorethanUknow Pastor Stephän Kirby


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