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Good Morning Ekklesia 

If "Someone" who truly loves and cares you offers to open doors and provide for you would you take the opportunity to walk through and recieve? 

Instead of screaming Yes and complying, Many will be skeptical and ask who is this "Someone" and what is their ulterior motive?  Others will know this "Someone" personally and make excuses on why they cant make it and ignore the invitation. Either way they miss out on Blessings. 

If this was you who was skeptical and full of excuses, Would you be upset if this "Someone" offered the same opportunities to those who you may not think are qualified or deserving? Sad to say many would. But you had the opportunity first but did not take it. So why are you cute and ugly at the same time? 🤣 

In Luke 14:15-24  Jesus gave the parable of the Great Supper.  In this parable Jesus explains God's love for his people but his people rejected him by being skeptical and too busy to receive God's love. So God offers His love to those who may seem to be undeserving, and the ones who were offered the opportunity first, never were invited again.

 God is offering you the world through his son Jesus Christ. Don't miss out on your blessings by allowing anything to come between you and God.  ANYTHING includes... Family, Job, Money, Possessions... when you put more emphasis on these, God is not pleased. Have Faith, no more excuses, accept God's invitation right now. 

❤ u more than u know 

Peace Joy and Blessings 

Pastor Stephan Kirby 

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