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Life is Frail and Short


I personally have experienced a lot of funerals within the last 2 weeks. And one thing remains true life is precious. If it's precious time we have, precious these moments we should not waste them trying to hurt others because we have been hurt in the past, or doing things not giving God glory... we may not be doing our best with time.

Are you setting your mind and heart on things above or on the things of this world?

He remembered that they were made of flesh, and were like a wind that blows past and does not return. —Psalm 78:39

All of us have a “moments “of time. This presents us with a threefold problem. First, none of us knows how long our moments of time will last. Secondly, we know that with each day, one fraction of our monents are used up, never to be available again. And thirdly, in light of eternity, we have a decision to make as to how best use our moments of time. In our verse for today, the psalmist describes our life as a passing breeze that does not return. It describes something that is extremely brief. If we are wise, we will use this brief time to focus on the eternal. Not so for most people, for they are focusing their attention only on what they can see and do in this world, without giving any thought as to what will happen in eternity. The wise believer must keep Biblical principles in mind. We are going to die. We will be required to give an account of our life before the Lord at the judgment seat of Christ. We will experience gain or suffer loss of reward depending on how much we have allowed the spirit to live, or flow, through our mortal lives. We will give an account of whether our acts were done through the Spirit of God or the energy of the flesh. The brevity of life points us to the Word of God. We will find our heart is drawn to it as we acquaint ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and allow him to dwell richly in our hearts. Is that happening to you?

Love u more than u know,

Pastor Stephan


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