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Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?


This question has been asked to many of us and many of us have asked this very question. Some have loved and really tried, others just said it and lied…

Love is a commandment from God that demands action from us. It's not something we pick and choose when it's convenient. It's not something that we half heartedly give in order to receive fully from someone else.

Loving God is not easy, when we choose ourselves over His Word. Loving God is not easy, when we refuse to forgive our neighbors.

"How can you say you love God who you have not seen and hate this person you see everyday?"

Loving your neighbor means we love them on the easy days and on the hard days. We applaud their successes and comfort them, not desert them, when they fail.

Here are three simple ways to truly love again…

Lighten someones load. When we know someone well, we know when things are going well and when they’re not. When someone is facing a struggle, we can be a part of the solution. It’s easy to say things like, “Let me know if you need anything,” but truthfully, most people won’t. You might phrase your assistance like this: “I’m bringing dinner over to your family tonight. What time works?”

Extend someone grace. One of the most important ways we can love our neighbors is to make allowances for their shortcomings. Choosing to extend grace means we forgive those who offend us. After all, God has forgiven each of us so much, it’s unwise to justify our unforgiveness toward others. Through the process of forgiving others, we’ll be free from harboring bitterness.

Build each other up. With our words and actions, we do one of two things—build up or tear down. Our world isn’t always a friendly one and time is short. We never know how our kind word or act will change someone’s day—and potentially their future.

For the people we know, (with the conditions they treat us right) we can find numerous ways to show them love. What about the ones who don't treat us right? Don't they need your love too? When we love those who hurt us, we are acting as Jesus did, for there is no greater love than when we set ourselves aside and do something great and positive for someone else who may not deserve it. This shows we love God when we love each other. Isn't this what He does for us, everyday?

❤ u more than u know...


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