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Willing and Ready to Be Used

Deuteronomy 10:12 Moses was reminding the ppl of God how important it is to love our God & walk in his ways. The people of God, under the leadership of Moses finished making the ark of the covenant and following direction to a T. Sometimes A Person Gets caught Up In the rules & regulations don’t forget. Time && Time Again . Everything We Do We Need To Do In Love . Of A Cheerful Heart , not just because we are told . Let’s be willing and ready to be used . *prayer* 🙏🏾 Heavenly Father, I’m learning to trust all of your precious promises . I stand in authority of Christ against the enemy and his tactics to hender me . Thank you for fanning the fire within me to serve you. In the might name of Jesus Amen 

Youth Pastor Era'Nay Williams JaRuee 

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