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Your Purpose

From Dr Tony Evans...

A boxcar on a train has no power to move down the tracks on its own. It isn’t going anywhere unless it’s hooked up. Your life as a Christian is like a boxcar on a train. It should be hooked up to the engine of God’s purpose. If the boxcar of your life is not hooked up to the engine—the purpose for which God has you here—you are not going anywhere. You are stuck.

But what is worse – to be stuck or to feel lost? Because sometimes on the way to your destiny, you may feel like you are going around in circles and getting nowhere.

A mix master is where a series of highways intersect. Normally, you can find a mix master near the downtown area of a city. At the point where the highways connect, you will find their purpose. In your life there are also highways that lead to the center of your purpose. The highways of experience, opportunities, passions, and abilities are all designed to lead you to the intersection of your purpose in God and your calling for your life here on earth. Where these four things intersect—experience, opportunities, passions, and abilities—your purpose starts.

 As you journey this path called destiny, remember to always stay hooked up to the engine of God so that He can take you where you need to go. And don’t despair when it seems that you are on roads going nowhere. You will discover in time, when you reach the mix master of your life, that these roads will eventually osculate at the point of your purpose. Keep going – taking one day at a time – knowing in the end, all roads lead to your destiny when you love God and are called according to His will for you.

Prayer: Almighty God, the roads of my life seem to take me places that I can’t quite figure out how they will lead me to my destiny sometimes. But you know better. You are working behind the scenes either preparing me, or preparing those I will one day connect with, to fulfill what you have planned. Encourage my spirit when I cannot see the end result – encourage me to keep going in faith knowing you have a perfect destination in store. In Jesus' name, amen.


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