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Sunday, July 21, 2024


Welcome Home to


To Our Visitors...

Welcome Home to EKKLESIA. We are ecstatic that you decided to worship with us today and would love to get to know you better and learn how best to serve you. 

Please complete our visitor card or the one provided by our greeter, who will collect them before dismissal.

Again, thank you for worshipping our great God with us today, and we hope to see you soon!


Welcome, Scripture & Prayer

Praise & Worship

*Baptism/Communion (1st Sunday)


Invitation & Altar Prayer




Today’s Word

Title: "TeachEvery1: Building a Discipleship Community"

Scripture: Matthew 28:19-20

Pastor Stephan Kirby

1. How does individual discipleship strengthen the Church as a whole?


2. Why is community essential in the process of teaching and making disciples?



3. How can we as a Church live out the mission of "Each1, Reach1, Bring1, TeachEvery1"?



Why is Today’s Word purposed for me?



What benefit can I be to God and others after hearing this Word?



How can I encourage others who may be going through?

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"Everyday Ekklesia" calls us to live out our faith daily, actively engaging in discipleship by reaching out, bringing others to Christ, and teaching them to follow Him. Through these sermons and Bible studies, and Daily Devotions we learn the significance of Jesus' teachings and how to apply them to transform our lives and the world. Let's commit to "Each1, Reach1, Bring1, and together we'll TeachEvery1," making a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God.


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