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Overcoming Anger

Good morning my Ekklesia Family 

Is it ok to get angry? Yes. 

The word of God tells us that we can be angry but don't sin. Ephesians 4:26-27.  We give evil control of our lives when we allow things people may say or do to provoke us to hurt or harm an individual or group. Remember, Anger can be controlled by you.  "But Stephan they make me so angry! I just can't do it!" God has given you power over EVERYTHING, you just pick and choose when to use it.  You can overcome anger, by choosing to do things God's way everytime.

Know this, my dear brothers and sisters: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to grow angry. This is because an angry person doesn’t produce God’s righteousness. Therefore, with humility, set aside all moral filth and the growth of wickedness, and welcome the word planted deep inside you—the very word that is able to save you. James 1:19‭-‬21 CEB 

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❤ u more than u know Peace and Blessings Stephan Kirby 

Today's reading Exodus 23-30

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